Nothing is More Important Than Your Health – Now There’s Something You Can Do About it!

It’s so true.. That nothing is More Important Than Your Health – just ask anyone and they’ll tell you that, especially if their health is failing.

Nutritional testing has been done for at least 20 years for Olympians and for the super wealthy, who were aware that it was available. Then customization of a supplement program could be achieved for an individual. It makes a lot of good sense to test for nutritional deficiencies because everyone is different. Everyone has a unique body chemistry.

The good news is that it is no longer just a luxury for the rich to have the use of customized supplements. It is becoming more accessible and very much more affordable to anyone and is a necessity for those of us that want to stay healthy.

Not so long ago, doctors looked down on vitamin supplementing as a hoax, even though science supported it.

Natural intake of vitamins from food today is being depleted due to the over use of pesticides. They now contain 75 percent less nutrition than they did in the 1950s (according to a statement from Health Canada).

New studies have discovered that just taking vitamins is not enough. What people are now doing for their health supplement program is metabolic testing and customized nutrition. This may even save them money because it’s also may be pretty likely that they could be taking supplements that are not doing them any good. Some people are even taking too many supplements and are harming their health without knowing it.

There are now many testimonies about the benefits of customized supplements because they are created for each individual’s own unique body chemistry by a simple at home test that is sent to a Lab. There is now a track record as proof that supplementing this way can help to restore the body to health.

Affordable, easy metabolic tests that are done at home and sent off to a Lab can point out where and customized multivitamin and supplements can help to turn our body back toward health. It makes good sense to test, instead of guess. By taking advantage of this method the average person can now able to offer the extraordinary benefits of custom nutrition.

When you consider what is at stake – your health and the health and well-being of those you love- customized supplements is the bargain of a lifetime. It’s so true that you have nothing, if you don’t have your health, So think about it…don’t you think you are worth it?

For sure – the Best Health Insurance you can have these days is to stay healthy. Simple as that.

Still, many people seem not to realize that so many diseases are preventable now just by diet and exercise. A good customized supplement program can help you as well. There are many great testimonies to support this. It’s proven over and over that the epidemics of many types of cancers and type 2 Diabetes are mostly preventable by diet and exercise. Getting on the best form for nutritional supplements for your unique body chemistry just makes good sense.

Carole Gardner can be reached at 828-582-1965. She is a Successful Full time – At Home Marketer. She enjoys helping others achieve their goals. She offers Free Business & Fitness Coaching and Consultations for anyone interested in a Home Based Business and/or a Successful Lifestyle Please feel free to contact her directly.

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