Nothing is More Important Than Your Health – Now There’s Something You Can Do About it!

Good health is a state of well being or wellness of the body. It is a condition where there is total absence of disease and illness thereby we enjoy a maximum health standard that leads to long life and prosperity. In the whole world today, many people died because of poor health and other related diseases and sickness that sniffed life out of them untimely.

Therefore let us now look at the secrets of of good health and how to secure it to our own advantages which will make us live longer and enjoy life to the fullest.

1. EATING A BALANCED DIET-A food is anything that we eat that gives us energy and make us to grow healthy. Energy is defined as ability to do work. and for us to get energy and strength to do work, we must eat a balanced diet or food.

A balanced diet is a food that contains all the six classes of food in their rightful proportion and quantities. The six classes of foods are protein, fats and oil, vitamins, mineral salts, carbohydrates, and water. when we take or eat all these six classes of food in their right proportion and quantities we can rest assured that we shall maintain a good and sound health.

2. DOING EXERCISES-We can maintain a good and sound health by doing a regular exercises, exercises helps to move our bodies and help to burn up fats and makes us stay healthy, examples of exercise are jumping, skipping, running, sports but to mention a few.

Exercises helps to remove waste products from the body that will make us sick such as sweats etc.

3. GOOD REST AND SLEEP-When we have a good and sound sleep and rest very well after a hard days job or works, we get tired, we can maintain a good health by having our rest and sleep as at when due. it is important to have at least one hour rest or sleep so that we can gain back all the energy lost during days job and refresh our memories.

When we relax and have our rest we can gain more strength and tension will be reduced. Therefore good rest and sleep resulted in good health.

4. GOOD AND IMPROVED HYGIENE AND SANITATION-A personal hygiene and good sanitation habits helps to remove sickness and diseases that can cause death.

Personal hygiene includes regular washing and bathing, general cleanliness while good sanitation habits involves clearing the house, gutters, removal of solid and liquid waste products such as sewage and the refuse that harbors disease vectors. such as flies and mosquitoes.

5. SENSITIVITY TO HEALTH HAZARDS-Health hazards are those things that can endanger our health and causes diseases and sickness, we should be very sensitive about it and avoid them such as mosquitoes, flies, unsafe acts and unsafe conditions that than cause diseases and sickness.

6. SOCIAL INTERACTION-If you want to stay healthy and enjoy good health and life, you must learn to interact and move with people and play with them too so that you can feel belong to the society and this will make you fell happy always because of the social interaction you gained from the public and this will lead to good and sound health always.

7. SMILES AND LAUGHTER-Laughter they said is the best medicine, if you want to stay healthy always learn to smile with people because it helps to cure and relieved tension as described by experts. laughter helps to relieved tension and stress and high blood pressure, please don, t squeeze your face always because it will make you look older than your age.

8. BEHAVIORAL CHANGE/ORIENTATIONS-Let us change our behaviors towards good health and particularly our orientations that we must maintained and improved on our health qualities instead of reducing our health standard.

In the meantime, since health is wealth, let us look at the above suggestions very well and improve on them so that we can have a good and sound health and live a longer life.

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